Better automation of “short trek’ specials

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Hi I’d like guidance, either on downloading specials generally, or Star Trek Discovery “Short Trek” specials specifically. Sonarr found this recent file and Sabnzbd downloaded it successfully, but that’s as far as the system got. It sits in the “completed folder”. The file name is obfuscated but the folder reads as above.

Now I can manually rename and move that file, but is there a way to get sonarr to do it? Or is it sabnzbd that should deal with it better?

PS thanks for the relentless, amazing work on sonarr

Was the release name different when Sonarr grabbed it?

It looks like it is failing to import because season 3 episode 0 doesn’t exist, unfortunately specials are named that way occasionally instead of being part of season 0.

Manual import is the most reliable way to import it in this case.

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Okay thanks a lot Markus!!

(The release name AFAIK was as listed above and in the logs). They seem to be coming out named this way in general, fyi.

There is also a separate series definition for the Short Treks so you can try and snag it either way. I have just been getting them as Specials and manually importing when they are named as Q & A was.

Hi earthscab thank you. by series definition do you refer to a more advanced feature of sonarr that I haven’t learned?

No. Just go to Add new series and search for Star Trek Shorts.

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