Autostart script - Raspbian

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 3+
Debug logs:
Description of issue: How can I autostart Sonarr? For example after my Pi is rebooted or when Sonarr is crashed. Thanks in advance.

I only found old script. And upstart doesn’t work.

There’s no script nor is any needed

If you installed with the official instructions then the package already sets the servic up to start at boot.

If you installed through some other random instructions then contact whomever wrote those unsupported instructions for support

I used these instructions.
So I think I’m in the right place here :wink:

Then sonarr would already be automatically configured to start on boot unless you or someone with access to your machine explicitly disabled it

sudo systemctl is-enabled sonarr

The return value is enabled.

Sometimes Sonarr is not reachable anymore. And it stays that way untill is restart it myself.
So it doesn’t seem to restart itself

And what do the trace logs show?

That doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with a service not starting at startup…which you’ve confirmed it is

Where do I check this?

It occured again.
Sonarr is running and after some time 8989 isn’t accessible anymore. And i need to restart it manually

Not accessible does not necessarily mean not running.

The forum post template had a link for how to get and provide logs

Sonarr is running. I started using the .exe.
I think sudo systemctl start sonarr didn’t do anything. That’s why I used the .exe.

But if I ask the status (sudo systemctl status sonarr) I get the following:

Remove the legacy unsupported user created sonarr service that uses nzbdrone (v2) which is not supported

The installer should have already done that unless it wasn’t running when you installed v3.

Do you have a command for that?
How can I get the user?

Thanks in advance!

rm /etc/systemd/system/sonarr.service
systemctl daemon-reload

And then reinstall Sonarr again?
V3 then?

I ran the commands and now the status looks better.
No more red errors but Active is “Inactive (dead)” which doesn’t sound very good :slight_smile:

Raspberry pi sonarr status

And obviously I’m still having the problem that I can’t access :8989.
Any clues?

Thanks in advance again :wink:

You can’t access sonarr when it’s not running.

Based on the exit status there you told the sonarr service to shutdown