Automatically detect "dead" series, deleted on thetvdb


thetvdb has a well known habit of deleting series. Which folks then create again. And then they get deleted again. Etc.
Some series are deleted and added again 5-10 times, before they are finally allowed to stay. “Good Omens” is a great example of this.

Every time this happens, thetvdb id changes (…). Which means the series has to be deleted in Sonarr and added again.

  • It would be awesome to have a functionality to automatically detect series, which have been deleted on thetvdb! :slight_smile:
    This would provide an overview, so you can easily see if a series is broken and won’t ever download.
  • If it was possible to automatically match the new thetvdb id if one exists, even better. But that is likely more involved.
  • Yet another idea would be to stop using the ids as they change too much and use series title + year as identifier instead. I am guessing this too is a lot of work though.

Example of motivation for raising the issue
Today I manually dug through my series, results below:

Shows deleted from thetvdb and added again with different thetvdb id
Chernobyl (imdbid: tt7366338)
Hanna (imdbid: tt6932244)
Good Omens (imdbid: tt1869454)
I know this much is true (imdbid: tt0425118)
The Mandalorian (imdbid: tt8111088)
The New Pope (imdbid: tt7157248)
NOS4A2 (imdbid: /tt5194792)
The Politician (imdbid: tt7971476)

Deleted from thetvdb, currently non existing there
American Lion (imdbid: tt5292482)
Carnival Row (imdbid: tt0489974)
Snowpiercer (imdbid: tt6156584)
Star Wars: Underworld (imdbid: tt0458291)
V For VENDETTA (imdbid: tt9547632)
ZeroZeroZero (imdbid: tt8332438)

The boring part - this is what I’d love to not do anymore
Manual process currently is:

  1. Open “season pass”
  2. Look for series that have no episode number in season 1 label
  3. open the series in sonarr
  4. click on thetvdb icon, right side of series title bar
  5. if you end up on a “Sorry!! This record has been deleted” page, go search for the series in Sonarr under “add new series”.
    5a. if you find a new instance of the series, then you can’t yet add it. Sonarr will give you an error message about series namespace already in use. Go back to the original series.
    5b. Delete the original series
    5c. Go to add new series, search again and add the new version
  6. If there is no new instance of the series (currently doesn’t exist on thetvdb), leave it in sonarr / make a note of it so you can find it and search again in a few weeks. With a bit of luck it will now be back on thetvdb.
    Not sure what it takes for thetvdb to stop deleting a series, but I expect they at least leave it when the first 2 episodes have aired (perhaps a pilot is enough, not sure).

Related issue:

With Kind Regards and huge thanks for an awesome application.


TheTVDB doesn’t allow series with no premiere date set. And they don’t allow webseries till after x episodes. So that’s one of the primary reasons why they remove them.
Which appears true for all of the 3 series I checked from your list above.

In the past I would occasionally go over our tvdb proxy and redirect such duplicates, but it was a bit tedious.

But upon series refresh, if the series is no longer exists on thetvdb, sonarr should be logging a Warn in the System->Logs/Events.

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