Auto Remove Stalled Downloads


Sonarr version:
OS: macOS High Sierra, Docker 3.3
Description of issue:
This issue could either be solved by Sonarr or Transmission, but I’d rather have Sonarr be the brains and the torrent client remain “dumb” so I’m posting here in the forums.

Take this as an example scenario: a torrent is selected and sent to Transmission for download, only to have its seeders die off and not come back online, then the download just stalls at say 30% and sits there for the rest of its life and takes up hard disk space. Is there a way to put a “timeout” or TTL on a download so that it’s removed after x number of hours of inactivity? Surely there must be a way to do this that I’m not aware of. I understand Transmission itself has queues (which does not address this issue AFAIK) but I’d rather Sonarr say “nope you’ve stalled for too long, I’m removing the torrent, blacklisting it, and searching for another”.


We do have a github issue for it, but it doesn’t have our focus. There are also a number of edge-cases, for example: Removing a torrent while downloading from a private tracker usually results in a Hit&Run.


Okay, I’ll follow that issue. Thanks.


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