Auto Import Shows Post Conversion

Hey Guys -

Quick question, please. I have a handful of videos which are automatically obtained via PlayOn, commercials removed via MCEBuddy, then moved into a new folder when ready for import into Sonarr. After that, I must manually import the shows via the Wanted menu.

I therefore wanted to ask if any of the below are possible:

  • Have Sonarr monitor folder and auto import matching titles
  • CLI command which may be run against folder to have Sonarr auto-import matching titles which I could have run via task or possibly by MCEBuddy once a job finishes
  • Any other solution to automatically import the converted media

Sonarr version:
OS: Windows 10 x64


This is what Drone Factory was, but removed in v3 because it’d also try to import partial files and was rather dumb in it’s approach.

You can use Sonarr’s API for this, specifically the DownloadedEpisodesScan command:

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