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This is more of a FYI than a help request. Yesterday I had the dev version of 4.0 pushed for install and after it was done I was made to add a username and password. After creating them and logging in I was able to easily disable the feature, but it shouldn’t of happen in the first place. In the process of disabling Authentication being needed for access I noticed that sending data was checked, the default should be unchecked and the enduser should be deciding if they want to send data to help with development and bug fixing. Since I am running the dev version I chose left it checked.

Forced auth was requested by a lot of the major private trackers due to users just leaving their instances open to the internet, it was this or the arr’s would have been banned simple as that and ass the announcement stats

  • Authentication required by default. In order to secure Sonarr from unauthorized users and to protect your private credentials Sonarr will now require authentication to be enabled when accessing the UI for the first time after installing or upgrading to v4

Send Anonymous Usage Data has always been enabled by default that is not a new change

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Ok from the standpoint of the simiprivate and private sites I get it. I belong to several but don’t add them to Jackett thus Sonarr or Radarr.


If I now chose to add my private sites and enable authentication they will site work in the background when the browser is closed, right?

Having the browser open for Sonarr only shows the UI, as long as Sonarr is running in the background and the computer is not asleep Sonarr keeps working.

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I understand the stupidity of people leaving this open and exposed to the Internet and bans for the application, but we could still do with a means of disabling this, I use another means of authentication via Organizr and reverse proxy. This may result in doubling up authentication.

In that case you can set sonarr’s authentication to external. Disable enforced authentication · Issue #5252 · Sonarr/Sonarr · GitHub

Thanks for this, I’ll check it out

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