Any way to save to multiple directories simultaneously?

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OS: Ubuntu 22.04
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I’m curious if Sonarr is capable of copying files to more than one directory. Everything works just fine as as, but I have some things set up organizationally with different libraries in different locations, for different users. Would it be possible for instance for a show, once finished, to save to my primary directory (which currently works fine) AND an additional directory so the file would exist in two different locations?

Not out of the box. You could probably do it with a custom script.

I figured a script might be able to do such, but it’d have to be one heck of a script I imagine. Something that doesn’t just blanket all entries, but specific entries.

If you tag the shows you want to copy, and only let the script run for that tag, you can filter pretty easily.

I imagine it’s still going to be a headache for upgrades, you have to somehow check for and delete lower quality files in the destination or you’ll end up with duplicates.

Good call on tags, I’m not too concerned with upgrades for other users personally.

Does anyone know of an existing script that would accomplish such? My scripting skills are VERY basic.