[ANSWERED] Running multiple instances of Sonarr on the same machine, with different configs/DBs?


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OS: Debian 9 (stretch)
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I rent a seedbox with a group of friends, and am just starting to get into Sonarr. It’s amazing.

Since we have multiple users sharing the same seedbox, I’d like to run a separate instance for each one of us, so that our TV collections don’t get all mixed up with each other (we have some very different tastes). Is it possible to run multiple instances of Sonarr, each using a different config folder and DB?

I’ve tried to research this question on my own, but mono and .NET applications are a whole new world of mystery for me. (Like, my first instinct was to run mono Sonarr.exe --help which obviously didn’t work.) Any pointers?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Someone suggested docker, but unfortunately, docker is not an option for me, since our seedbox doesn’t support it.


Never mind. Looks like this has come up already, and the answer is that you simply can’t run multiple instances of Sonarr. Thanks anyway!


There is an un-official way to run multiple instances by using the -data flag to specify the config & db folder location. I have been running it this way for a few weeks now without any issues. Just need to be careful with the start-up sequence and version upgrades.




Whoa, you’re absolutely right! Command line options are outlined here, and with mono, the syntax is

$ mono Sonarr.exe /data=<path>


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