Another release is queued and the Quality or Language profile does not allow upgrades

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OS: ubuntu 19.10
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any idea why I’m getting this message and its not automatically selecting the AMZN releases I gave + points to? I can manually select it, but isn’t the point that it should be automatic?

I assume I have some wrong setting, but unsure what?

It’s as the message states, check your quality profile/language profile and make sure Upgrades Allowed is enabled.

Sounds like the existing file is a lower quality, so it both needs to upgrade the quality and is an upgrade for preferred words.

ok, I see, wondering why this is not the default?

Allows for people that want to upgrade to choose to do so and people that don’t don’t decided they don’t after Sonarr has already tried to upgrade things.

ok, so I changed the setting to “do not prefer” and now its not picking repacks that have the same score

I can manually download it, but it has the red icon which says ‘* Existing file on disk is of equal or higher preference: WEBRip-1080p v1 - English’

so I don’t understand how one is supposed to do this.

if one select prefer and upgrade, it will ignore the scoring if a repack/proper comes in, even at a lower score.

“do not upgrade automatically” seems to not be what I want, I want it to upgrade automatically.

I figured “do not prefer” means upgrade automatically, but don’t prefer a repack/proper over something with a higher score, but apparently it doesnt?

I guess I can give a +1 to a repack/proper tag, but I thought sonarr handled that itself?

No, it treats them the exact same way. Basically ignoring repack/proper entirely.

That’s exactly what yuou need to do. You can’t have it not prefer and prefer at the same time. If you tell Sonarr not to prefer then you accept that it will treat them as exact equals and then use preferred words to override it if you want that behaviour.

I think it indicates that the logic here is broken.

one should be able to use the prefer repack/proper logic while also using the points logic. the current mechanism basically forces every user to reimplement sonarr’s logic if they want to use points.

given 2 packages, both with the same score, but one is a proper/repack, sonarr should have the ability to specify that I prefer that one, without users having to resort to points.

Without having everything use preferred words internally that is impossible. They are two completely different systems, repacks and propers are part of the quality and quality wins over everything else.

If you want have preferred words override repacks/propers, but also upgrade to repacks and propers then you need to give repacks/propers a positive score. We do not have plans to change that.

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