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OS: Ubuntu 19.04

It’s been a week that I am testing v3. As a french user, v2 was not working the way I wanted to, meaning grabing the french language of a TV show. I had to switch to medusa which, well is a bit clunky, at least for me. Last week-end, I saw from some thread, that sonarr can now manage language with the new v3 version. I have to admit, this new version is working pretty well 85-90% of the time. Which left me with the last 10% which are french tv serie with a french name. Those series can be found on with an english title, which is used for the search (I am using Jackett).

I know that solarr team does not want to implement some kind of ‘alias’ feature since it can generate bugs from the end user. So I tried messing up with the DB, adding the french show in the SceneMappings table. The show were found and therefore, I could download them. But since there is a task that update the scene mappings every 3 hours, my solution is no longer good.

So here comes my question, how can I add my french tv shows so it can be searched with the french title, not the english one ? Is there any event thrown I can grab at the end of the ‘Update scene mapping’ task in order to insert back those shows in the table ?

How can we add it to the ServicesProvider/Nzbdrone ? Where can we make a request to add those shows ?

Example of TV shows:
| TvdbId | EN Title | FR title | URL |
| 305927 | The Intern (2016) | La stagiaire | |
| 78783 | The Mysterious Cities of Gold | Les mystérieuses cités d’or | |

Thank you for your help.


The interesting part, that for one of my Tv show works good with english name (Our little village) and hungarian torrent name. But for an another Tv show (The Flash) it couldn’t download the torrents with hungarian name. The tvdb profile contains both translation for both shows.
| 323256 | Our little village | A mi kis falunk | |
| 279121 | The Flash (2014) | Flash - A villám | |

I think it not depends on the preferred language, because I have another problematic show that could only find the english named torrents and not the hungarian ones.


This is in the FAQ.


Thank you, I’ll make a request then.

Although, if I may, I think, in term of user experience there should be a better way ?

  • Rely on the TVDB API for the search fonctionality. I believe I saw a thread or 2 saying it was not possible or too complex. In my opinion, that would be the utlimate solution. Then add an custom alias for the user in some kind of advanced settings or through a form within the app (instead of the google form)
  • Another way might be when a show is added, do an automatic POST to your API with the TvdbId and the requested profile language (if it’s not EN) and add it to your API
  • Finally, last and probably the easier solution, add the form within the Sonarr application and do some validation in order to remove the duplicates and get rid of the google form.

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