An option to favorite and/or self-rate series?

I think it would be a great idea to allow users the ability to mark a series as a favorite then allow custom viewing of those marked as favorites.

I believe there are users like me that have 10’s and 100’s of shows within Sonarr. We’ve enjoyed some a little and might revisit while others we have immensely enjoyed! It would be absolutely amazing if we could have the ability to quickly sort and identify those series’ with potentially a “Mark as Favorite?” checkbox when editing a series.

If it’s possible to expand upon that idea, if users could additionally have a drop down that allows them to rate a series on a scale of let’s say 1 - 10, that would certainly be beneficial (although I’d honestly just settle for the “Mark as Favorite” option).

I appreciate your consideration and welcome any constructive feedback! I’d love to know your thoughts.

In lieu of this, you could always add a ‘Favorite’ tag.

@ilike2burnthing That is a good work-around solution. I considered adding a “Favorite” tag, then using the filter to only see those, however my concern is that if it’s an ongoing series, I believe having that tag would interfere with Sonarr’s attempt to pull an episode because it would also look for “Favorite” during its search.

The filter option already has a lot of choices. I think it would be great if “Favorite” was one of them.

I’m fairly certain tags are not added to search terms.

You are correct, tags are not appended during search. Tags are used for filtering (if you want) and linking to different things in Sonarr, Delay profiles, preferred words, indexers, etc.

A favorite tag is a good way to achieve this functionality without any changes.

Thanks for the responses! I will tag my series’ as mentioned.

I use quality profiles then sort by quality profiles so Fav Shows is at the top (Fav Shows was the first added).

I would be great if we could filter (like on the series page) on the calendar page to just show the favorite shows because a lot of us probably download shows we don’t watch or care about (like Real housewives…) for the Fam / Friends.

Fav Shows
Current Shows
New Shows
Reality Shows
Ended Shows

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