Alternative backend to tvdb?


Would it be possible to add support for an alternative backend than tvdb?

The motivation is that tvdb ruleset is so restrictive that it impairs their functionality (imho).

Basically, the result is you have to manually note down series and remember to keep trying to add them regularly, if they have not yet aired. Which kinda defeats the (a big part of) the purpose.
Sonarr is automation after all and does a great job at it. Tvdb partly wrecks that, due to their “unwritten ruleset”. Their forums have quite a few posts from unhappy users about this. Super annoying since it is otherwise a great project, but doesn’t look like they are inclined to change their process or care about input.

Perhaps a more user friendly backend would be a better fit for Sonarr functionality?


+1. I despise TVDB. An insanely toxic community. It that amazes me it gets any support at all.


TVMaze seems like the best alternative.

  • 1000! It would be nice to have an alternative to those arbitrary and capricious overlords at TVDB. I appreciate the work they do, but they are the nastiest so and so’s I’ve ever come across in this community.


I came here hoping to ask if we could have TMDB as an alternative, at least with the option you can add the series and have it get information from there instead. TVDB is not only restrictive, but they have a backwards way of dealing with vandalism, locking entire shows so that only moderators can add information. When that happens the only way to get new information added is to make a request on the forums, and they are so low on moderators that sometimes it can take weeks after something has aired to get the information up. Sonarr really should offer the ability to set a shows information source as coming from an alternative website.

If you look at the series change request forum, there are no less than 54 pages of requests for changes to locked shows. Activity from moderators is either very slow or unlikely to happen in a timely manner.

As an example of on the many problems with TVDB, currently the series Victoria, is airing on PBS, however because the original producing channel doesn’t have any airdates listed for the show they are not allowing the airdates to be added to the show, thereby requiring anyone wanting the episodes to have to manually search for them, because no date is listed.

It’s this kind of backwards thinking that causes the tvdb to work against the sonarr’s very purpose.


Not entirely sure I see the issue with this particular example? I have S03E01 since january 14th, without any manual intervention from me. I’m guessing on or shortly after the 20th, S03E02 will be downloaded as well.

Both of those are currently on thetvdb and thus in sonarr, though without dates, but I don’t see how that matters for downloading?

I guess S03E03 will be an issue because it’s not yet on thetvdb right now, but as long as that happens before the episode airs I see no issue?


It’s an issue because without Dates Sonarr Doesn’t know to search for them. The only reason the first two episodes of Victoria were searched for was because they previously had air dates, then someone removed the air dates, and when I made a thread about it on the forums, I was told that there would be no airdates added until ITV in the UK has released airdates which from my own research as far as I can tell isn’t likely to be until August or so. The other episodes which haven’t aired yet, and whose titles haven’t been released yet (but the PBS Airdates have) were then promptly deleted and the first two episodes were locked, so that they can’t be edited and have airdates added to them.


TVDB is also locking popular shows (Big Bang Theory & Sheldon) so current episodes aren’t shown and there is not way to add them so Sonaar can find them. If new episodes can’t be found it kinda of defeats the purpose of Sonaar doesn’t it? An alternative to TVDB would be helpful.


I have to agree that it would be most beneficial to have the ability to decide where the data comes from. One of my favorite shows Ancient Aliens is totally screwed up on TVDB, they don’t even have a Season 9 or 10. Not having those seasons messes up all the seasons after. My Plex server showed me this issue first, but there I had the ability to change the search source to TMDB, which had it correct. I just recently set up Sonarr to help check my existing DB for missing episodes, it sure isn’t helping with that show! There are others, but this one is the biggest pain and best example.