Allow users to manage their own files if they want to


When I click on an episode and see its summary, the path of existing files for that episode are listed, and the ONLY option is to delete those files from the disk. I would like to be able to do two other things here:

  1. Tell sonarr that this file is not in fact the episode it is looking for. (Sometimes I can’t even comprehend how it got there, because literally nothing in the file name even remotely resembles the episode Sonarr insists it is.)
  2. Point sonarr to a correct file for that episode, if I even actually have it. (Sometimes I can’t believe it didn’t find it, because there is a file that exactly matches what it ought to be looking for, word-for-word.)

This seems to overlap with about 1,000 other feature requests in a lot of ways, it seems like such a simple thing but must be more complicated than I’m imagining for some reason–
Perhaps with your constant autoscanning, this file might somehow have to be flagged as exempt from future searches? The ability to have user-defined paths would address so many of these other issues and feature requests (most of the ones quibbling with how the auto-import detects files or wishing for different naming profiles for some series, etc.) that it sure seems like it would be worth it to implement some sort of “ignore” flag, even if it had to be appended into the filename…


Maybe this should be an edit, I’m not sure, but… I remembered that when I first conceived of this it was also partly because Sonarr renames files based on its schemes already, so file names should NOT be a reasonable justification for refusing to handle a file… I should be able to tell it which file/files should be renamed for a particular episode, instead of having it grab some other episode and rename that one with this one’s title.

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