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Hello, I added a serie (in french) but all the episode name are TBA for all 3 season. Went to look on TVDB and episodes son’t have name. Is there a way to manually put names in Sonarr ?

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Which series?

Does the English metadata have titles (since that’s what Sonarr uses)?


@markus101 Thank you for the fast reply,

It’s a Canadian series only available in French. All the TV Show section is filled perfectly. The only problem is the “no name” for all episodes. It makes it impossible to make automated download every time a new episode is coming out.

Edit : The serie is “District 31”


Episode titles will need to be added for the episodes in season 3 (for English), looking at none have them, looks like season 1 has the same issue and season 2 just used 2xx (where xx is the episode number for the titles).

The French metadata uses Épisode xx for season 3, doing the same for English will work.

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