Adding ettv indexer?

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: macOS 10.14.4
Debug logs:
Description of issue: is it possible to add a indexer for the torrent site ?

Thanks for any help

This can be added via Jackett.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I have installed jackett and added ettv as a indexer but it still wont correctly search and find formula 1 they are definitely present on the site the indexer does test successfully.

double check the category numbers. ETTV uses both the normal 5000 range, and custom 100000 range numbers. click on the spanner icon in the ETTV row in jackett to see what they are.

if you do a manual search in Jackett and select ETTV what category does that file show as being in? whatever it is make sure you have that group in Sonarr or it wont find it.

im getting an error when i manually search ETTV in Jackett, something about a redirection. possibly the URL has changed and you’ll need to update it?

yep, change its URL from .tv to .to and it works


I’ve done what you’ve suggested but still no luck
i’ve put the tv sport category number in sonarr (100072) however sonarr still wont find the torrent.

As a side note i have 2 other questions would i be able to do any of the following:

  1. Set sonarr or torrent client so it only downloads a certain single file within the torrent rather than the whole torrent.

  2. be able to automatically download formula 1 qualifying sessions and only the single video file I want not the entire torrent (qualifying sessions are not in sonarr as a addable show as far as i’m aware)

Im using qbittorrent as a client

Ive attached screenshots to explain my current setup

the only difference from your sonarr screenshot is that my API Path field is empty, try clearing that and see if it works. the Jackett based ones seem to work (for me) with just the URL

not really, you’d have to find a torrent that only contains the single video (what else ends up in there?)

i would expect sonarr will only pick out the main video file it wants anyway. its a waste of download but you have to download the whole thing, its just how torrents work.

edit: you can always go into your download client and open up the file list inside the torrent and disable the ones you dont want it to download (you can in transmission, presume others can as well).

obviously you need to be there to do that so it cant be done automatically.

you can also set a maximum size to download in sonarr if you dont want, for example, that 13gb torrent in your screenshot, in the hopes that a smaller one turns up. but if one doesnt you can always manually search and then disable the files you dont want

go to add series and enter tvdb:362869, that should be the “show” you want. searching on formula 1 doesnt really give the right results

if thats not the right one, try this link and find the correct ID and add that instead

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