Adding additional language in v3 (e.g. Icelandic)


I am using the new v3 (v3.0.1.363) of Sonarr and love the way the new language profiles now work.
Is there anyway currently to add languages - I am interested for example in an Icelandic TV Show?
Sorry if this has already been answered - had a quick look and could not find it.


We’ll need some examples of releases with Icelandic audio in order to evaluate if it’s possible.

To add any series there needs to be English metadata on TheTVDB and for Sonarr to detect a release is in another language the release needs to be tagged with that language. Such as Shield,.The.1x13.Tueurs.De.Flics.FR.DVDRip.XviD being French.


Thanks for the explanation - I did not realise you just got it from the name.
One example is:
[Stella.Blmkvist.S01E03.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-SbR Icelandic] (
Only series I know of at the moment.

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