Add tvdbSeasonID to File Name Tokens

When naming folders and files, sometimes the Season IS on TVDB is different than Season 01, Season 02, etc and is different than the Series ID. I would like to have added Season ID to the File Name Tokens under “File Name Tokens” > Season so I can add it to my naming convention. A great way to do this would be to add logic to only name the Season with the {tvdbSeasonID} if I differs from the {season:00}.

A example of this is Tom and Jerry tvdb:72860

The Season are named “Season 1940”, “Season 1950” and “Season 1960”.

In this specific case, I had to manually tvdb season ID’s the folders in order for Plex to recognize/index the content.

Sonarr has no knowledge of a separate ID for seasons, it’s only aware of the season number.

I’m aware. I’m saying there are some cases where it should, like the example I gave. It makes it so that I can’t tell Sonarr to bulk rename my directories without making sure I exclude that particular show. Right now, Sonarr is assuming my sonarr naming covention (the one I enter in Media Management > Episode Naming) will always watch thetvdb, but when the season names are not standard (as in this case) it messes up the naming that needs to be in place and the seasons can’t be properly indexed by other programs.

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