Add Support For Jackett to allow more bittorrent trackers


Pretty much like the name states add support or add in jackett support so you can add free bit torrent sites for Sonarr. This is the only thing I can say sick rage or sick beard does better. Jackett is a mono port just like sonarr is. As it sit’s sonarr is really good if you have privet indexers, But I like to have a back up to allow my shows to download. Like Jackett you would not have to add them as they pop up or disappear in to the indexer. May be add in a add on system for mono’s like jackett ?


It already does support jackett,
I got several in use.


There’s no explicit Jackett indexer type, but if you add a custom Torznab indexer in Sonarr you can paste in the API key and the desired Torznab feed from Jackett.


It is not for Torrent sites that have api/rss support. It is for the free sites that do not have support. Jackett
from what I was told it is not supported in Sonarr. Now you can get it to work. Now with out some one with out a very good understand of codes & commands will be able to set it up with out some work/time. Or even better yet just allow us to add are own sites in, not talking about custom indexer here. Every thing in custom Requires a Api key or Rss feed. I am sure it is not that hard to do Jackett does it with out a problem.


Afaik it’s the latest version of jackett that doesn’t support public trackers anymore, sonarr supports jackett just fine, I’m using it in two separate sonarr instances and from what I’ve gathered that’s how most people set it up as well.

I assume what you mean is that the earlier version of jackett that you’re using which does support the public trackers isn’t providing something that sonarr needs (the URL or the api key)?

As olliebean said, if you add a Torznab indexer, you enter the jackett URL and API key from the jackett interface and off you go. If the previous version of jackett isn’t providing this then what you’re asking for isn’t jackett support but support for an older, deprecated version of jackett.

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