Add per show Tags

I’d like to know if it would be possible for a specific series I have to have a tag that just applies to it? On Sunday “Age Of The Living Dead” airs in Asia and most likely won’t be available in English for 3 to 6 months after that. Now in the past TorrentGalaxy only posted the show once the series was available in English. What I’d like to do is a tag for that series that tells Sonarr only to down “Age Of The Living dead” only if TGx is in the title. I’m assuming that till Sonarr con find episodes with TGx in the title that it would poll for the episodes everyday. Please let me know if what I want to do is possible. Thanks

For v3:
Settings > Profiles > Release Profiles > click the giant + sign
Must contain: tgx
Tags: whatever you want

Then tag the series with the tag you specified in the profile.

Cool Thanks for the quick rep[ly, very much appreciated.

OK am I missing something? I went to Settings, Profiles, Release Profiles, Must contain tgx, Tags tgx, save, Series, Settings on Age Of The Living Dead, tgx in tags, it did save but didn’t auto popup the tag like I would of expected.

Can you explain what you mean by “auto popup the tag”?

Sure. I followed your instructions, saved, clicked on the wrench for editing the settings for the show, clicked in the tags box but no list for the tag I just created. I would of though that once I created the tag and went to add it to a show it would be listed, and I’d just have to select it. That would give me confirmation that the tag took.

Try adding the tag to the Series Page first then re-add the tag to the profile page, it doesn’t seem to create tags on the profile creation page

Thanks looks like it’s got it.

Ah now I understand. If you write something in the tag field and immediately press save, I’ve seen this before where the tag isn’t created.

If you write something, then press tab to change focus to the next field, you’ll see it gets created. Then you can save to close the dialog and it should be fine.

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