Add option per series;no results; 3rd pass check title only

i have dozens of series that take hours of manual effort managing, such as restaurant impossible, bar rescue, gotten ramsey 24hrs to hell…, deadliest catch, lots of discovery channels shows.
many are due to tvdb index not mapped correctly, however, I would pay to add feature ;
searching normally tries title id with sxxexx, then I understand title only, but I’m pretty sure season is included… based on testing. if so, then how about saying for some series it would be helpful you search for titleid only, so that shows that were revamped to be a special can be easily picked up and matched with known titles in session or series.

granted this is a last-ditch effort, but given the hundreds of hours I’ve manually done this… including requesting the TV database be updated after each new site, gets tedious and unreliable.
why not provide this for problematic shows, maybe add a warning it could create problems when used and to test each.

I have run into a possible issue when using any profile I get plenty of results, but due to custom filters not working as expected it is a nightmare. for example, creating a search that filters assist seeds less than 5 I took to get a ton of 0 results listed… perhaps this is a bug on the search used /…

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