Add 'Check health' task button to 'Missing root folder' warning

Hi there,

Because of my setup, I regularly have my root folders drop out of contact with sonarr (and radarr). I’m fine with this happening, it’s just how it has to be for now.

What is annoying is having to reboot sonarr/radarr every time the folders reconnect to get it to rescan and reconnect with them (and remove the ‘missing root folder’ warning). I’ve recently discovered that running the ‘check health’ task also rescans for the folders, so that’s what I’ve been doing.

But it would be nice to just have another action/button associated with the ‘Missing root folder’ error/warning so I could do it from right then and there (in addition to the ‘series editor’ link, and the ‘troubleshooting’ link)

Other error messages have similar tools, like the the ‘missing indexers’ error has the test tube icon button that you click to make it re-scan.

I can’t imagine I’m the only person who has to occasionally reconnect their root folders, and the ‘check health’ task isn’t exactly discoverable where it is.

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