Add all results from Interactive search to queue

After performing an interactive search and applying necessary filters to get the releases required it would be great if there was 1 button to add all of the results to the download queue rather than having to add them 1 at a time. Some seasons have 24 episodes!

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What’s the use case…?

If you’re doing an entire season search, you’d want to be grabbing a season pack anyway.

If you’re doing a single episode search you’d never want all releases grabbed.

Most season pack searches you’d also not want all releases grabbed.

Seems like an extreme edge case

Ah, so that’s why the Season Pack filter is ticked when I click Interactive Search at the season level, thanks for the tip. Now, the missus wanted to watch Heartbeat and I found that most results were hidden as there were no Season Packs so I created a filter for the release that I found was suitable for my needs and then I figured that a single click to add them all would be appropriate.

No. I mostly do not want the season pack when downloading and old programme. Often it is not the quality I want and/or is an old torrent that has insufficient seeds/peers to download in a sensible time.

What would be good, is a UI where there were tick boxes against each item found, I can tick the ones I want then say “download all”. Next step up would be filters that let me select multiples (e.g. all that match a regular expression so I get all x265 of my minimum preferred quality).

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Still gotta click the checkbox for each item, exactly what I would prefer to avoid, this is not much of an improvement on the current process i.e. still gotta click each item

Sounds like searching directly in prowlarr or jackett and using their bill grab functionality’s with some limit filtering may help?

Don’t know what they are, only just worked out sonarr/usenet and switched over from manually downloading torrents a few months ago. I’m pretty happy with the way it is going and was just making a suggestion to improve an experience I had.

It halves the clicks per item (currently you click then confirm each item and there is a noticeable delay that slows down the “add”). I did say next step up is filters to select, but even then sometimes I might want to slightly vary the selection (perhaps two similar ones got selected).

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