Actually use Windows Recycle Bin

I know there’s a feature to name a specific “recycle bin” but is not desirable to me, mainly because it doesn’t empty itself ever. It would be great if deleted files went to the actual recycle bin, giving the user a chance to catch something they actually wanted to restore.

Items older than 7 days (based on the last write time) are removed automatically.

We have no plans for using OS specific recycling bins, but there are plans for management from the UI.

Hi Markus

Oh, so are you saying that if a folder is chosen as “recycle bin”, those files get deleted 7 days later? That sounds fine! I thought I had read something different in the forums.

Correct, it’s based on the last write time of the file/folder.

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When you say it’s deleted after 7 days based on the write time of the file/folder, how does that work? Is it really based more on the folder date? I have files that are dated July 16th (the date I first enabled the Recycle Bin) that have not been deleted. I wondered if it’s because the parent folder has a more recent modified date.

For example:

[Folder] Big Little Lies - modified date 7/16/2019 6:33am
----------[Folder]Season 02 - modified date 7/21/2019 8:56pm
--------------------[File] Big Little Lies - S02E06 - modified date 7/16/2019 6:33am (should been deleted by now, I believe?)
--------------------[File] Big Little Lies - S02E07 - modified date 7/21/2019 8:56pm

Yeah, if it’s in a folder (which is the behaviour it uses now, previously it didn’t) it will use the folder, we’ll have to look into making that use the file always.

Cool, that would be great, although at least I know that in the meantime I should keep an eye on it myself.

This has been addressed in the latest v3 beta release.

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Noticed this info in the change log, didn’t even knew that it’s supposed to clear automatically (probably due to the folder dates updating constantly). I actually do prefer to control recycle bin cleaning myself, manually, and now I’m cautious about the update since I use native Synology DSM volume recycle bin as my sonarr recycle path and certainly don’t want sonarr accidentally clearing it all out. Can this 7 day auto removing be turned off as an option? Or at least there should be a warning about that in the UI (I didn’t see anything related, but I’m a few updates behind).

It’s at the bottom of Media Management settings, you have to show advanced settings to see it, and you can set it to any number of days you like or disable it by setting it to 0.

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if youre using the synology recycle bin then why not just let sonarr delete them without recovery? they’ll end up in the recycle bin anyway.

Thanks. Looks like it’s a recent addition, going to update now

Sadly, the auto-removing of files in Sonarr’s recycle bin doesn’t seem to work for me. I only found out about it from this thread, previously I had my own scheduled task to remove anything older than 3 days - so I disabled that, and instead set Sonarr’s auto-cleanup to 3 days. That was a month and a half ago, and I just noticed that nothing has been deleted since then.

Back to my own solution, I guess.

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