Activity queue not updated after a RescanSeries API call


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): 5.0.0
Description of issue

I’ve got a post-script in Sabnzbd which among other things, renames the downloaded episode to my likings. After that is done, i perform a RescanSeries API call to Sonarr, to make sure Sonarr’s Episode list is updated, otherwise it keeps stating ‘downloading’ with a blue bar. This works perfectly. But… i noticed that the Activity Queue is not updated with this information. It keeps the downloaded and processed episode in it’s list and says 00:00:00 time left… i have to manually remove the item using the red cross.

Is there an API command to update the Activity Queue as well? I think the Activity Queue keeps looking for an episode which has been renamed by my sabnzbd postprocessing.


Since you’re doing the importing outside of Sonarr, turn off Completed Download Handling. Activity: Queue is built out of things in the download client’s queue and history, Sonarr has no way to know that a file in the series folder was really from a download in history and still wants to import the download.


Thanks, i’ll try that!


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