Activity History is not updating

Sonarr version

Windows 10 Pro
Description of issue:
Going to Activity, History, the most recent event happened yesterday afternoon. No further updates. All else seems to be normal, RSS, indexers, downloads and imports are working fine. I can even review the history of specific files that updated after the last entry and they show correct information. But the history page is not adding new events. yes I have refreshed several times, even restarted Sonarr and also tried rebooting the whole machine. Could a database file have gotten corrupted or locked? Suggestions on how to fix?

Is history filtered to only show results of a certain type?
The logs should be filled with errors if history is failing to write, look at the debug logs.

No filter, no errors in log. Just no new entries displayed for 2 days. Today its mysteriously back to normal on its own. No idea. Radarr and Lidarr were unaffected.

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