Absolute -v- Relative Episode Naming


Sonarr :
Mono : Mono JIT compiler version
OS : Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
Description of issue: Indxr returns list w/ desired ep; Sonarr rejects as wrong season

This isn’t a flaw in Sonarr or a bug, just an issue I hope to get help resolving. Sonarr is searching indexers for episodes with absolute episode numbers and the indexers are returning results that have episodes with both absolute and relative episode numbers [i.e. 88 -v- S05E12]

The images below help describe my issue. As you can see, I am using tags to help identify the episode file I am looking for. However, I’ve chosen to build my collection of this series with episode names that are in conflict between TVDB and the Indexers. I could choose a different episode file of higher/lower quality and eliminate this problem but that’s a less desirable solution and we can discuss why if need be. [disk space, burnt in foreign subtitles, etc]

So I am wondering if there are alternative solutions. Are there features in Sonarr that I’m missing that would help prevent Sonarr from labeling the episode I am specifically looking for as the ‘Wrong Season’

PS – I’ve tried both ‘Anime’ and Standard…Anime returns no results at all.

Searching for this…

Indexers return this…

Series configured like this…


Ok, so I honestly did do a search but after posting this,a link to another thread popped up. [great feature btw, seems to work here better than in other forums]

So I found a link that suggested that Skyhook Proxy might be helpful. I clicked the link and after updating the series TVDB ID, I found the JSON response below… I swear I’ve been searching for this issue for days, and couldn’t figure it out. So what is Skyhooks Proxy and how do I implement it? It appears to have the correct episode mapping of absolute to relative episode numbers. Help!?



Skyhook is a service hosted by the sonarr dev team. Any request from your sonarr install is made to skyhook, which proxies/caches information from thetvdb. So you don’t implement it, you already have it :smile:


Ahh, ok. Thank you. So the mapping exists and is accurate [S05E12 = Episode #88] and I don’t have to do anything cuz its already installed. So, … umm, … what next? Should it not be recognizing the episode that its saying is the wrong season?


You need the type set to Anime to avoid the Wrong Season message. If you’re not getting results you need to make sure you have the anime categories set properly for the indexer.


Perhaps, i did miss something. I thought I was pretty thorough. I went in Jackett and searched for the Anime 4-digit codes. Suprisingly, TPB didn’t have an anime category. At least I couldn’t find one in Jackett. I also checked a few of the other TPB mirrors with category codes borrowed from other indexers in Jackett.
All I could find was 5000,5030,5040,5070 which are generally just TV Shows. Interestingly, 5030,5040 seemed to produce the most results to my queries. So I currently have set to them.

EDIT: Just noticed the discrepancy above and below in what I said I entered for the category ids and what Jackett says the categories are. In other words, 5030 should not be in there. Thought it might be a typo, but no. It wasn’t. So I corrected the category id … Still… same issue. The episode I want is still being labelled as Wrong Season! Arrgghh!

2018-11-26_2-04-26 2018-11-26_2-03-06

So here is my Indexer setup. Maybe someone can see something else I can try…


Sorry for all the late night posting when everyone is obviously asleep, except me.

This is the last one. Please close this thread. Issue Resolved. It was indeed the Anime setting.

After re-confirming the category settings [in addition to removing the 5030 mentioned previously] I thought I had been (re)testing the settings but I’d forgotten to flip the anime switch on the Series settings page. Once I did that my next search for this series resulted in this:

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