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When adding/editing a series there should be a release profile dropdown just as there are for quality and language, so that one can add realese profiles specific for a series without using tags.

Also the upgrade feature triggers only to upgrade quality, but it could also be triggered to upgrade release… h.265 releases are AT LEAST 50% smaller than h.264 ones (but take longer to be released). So download the first “quality profile” quality release (so you are up to date as quickly as possible) but when available, replace the file with an h.265 version (so your library is as small as possible). It would be extremely useful and important, specially considering radarr can quickly fill up any hard drive!

The first part (dropdown): no. Then you would only be able to associate a single release profile to a series. I have the untagged profile to weed out all the shit release groups, and then a couple to apply as needed. Some series have multiple tags in my case.

The second part: incorrect. Sonarr will download a release if it has a higher score if you apply a profile and give x/h265 a positive score.


As the wiki indicates - preferred words are always an upgrade. There is no feature to add.

It also makes no sense to associate only 1 release profile with a series - just use tags (or don’t ) as needed

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Thanks @Thirrian and @bakerboy448 for your replies! :wink: So i was completely mistaken, that’s good to know… I’m a sonarr newbie so i guess that i just went ahead of myself :confused:

If it is not to much to ask, could either one of you explain to me how to achieve
download the first 720p or 1080p available, then replace with 1080p (in case a 720p got downloaded) and then replace with 1080p h.265 version?
(I want this done for all my series)

Being new i really don’t quite get how scores and tags work yet. Also, don’t know if i should use “must contain” or “preferred terms” (or both)

What about de difference between “x265”, “x.256”, “h265”, “h.265”, and “HEVC” (should i use “preferred” and give all of those the same score?)

This is all just a logic sequence now, as follows:

Use/create a Quality Profile that includes 720p and 1080p in the flavours that you want. Make sure 1080p is higher in order than 720p, and upgrade until is set to 1080p.

Don’t use must contain. As the name implies, a release must contain one of the terms in order for it to download.

Difference is syntax only and is just covering bases for however the release could be named. Add them all to preferred, same score.

As you are applying to all series, no tag needed.

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to apply to all series you would edit the default quality profile to make it look like this;

to group up all the quality levels you need to click on the edit groups button to unlock them, then you drag and drop them by the three bars - i cant remember but i think it will upgrade within a quality based on the position within that group as well. or i could be wrong and it will just grab any variant and be done with it - someone will clarify.

if you dont want to change the default profile you can add a new one but you will then need to use the series > mass editor page to update all your series to use the new release profile - just tick the box at the top, then set the release profile value - be careful as this thing is instant, and requires no confirmation, so make sure you understand what youre about to do before you change any of the values in the dropdowns.

save that then add a release profile that looks (sort of) like this - make sure to leave the tags empty so it will apply to all your series

save that and you should be good to go

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One nitpick. Those preferred words are poorly implemented.

Take a look at trash’s guides and use regex to simplify things

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not really. theyre just simplistic. they do the job they are meant to do and are easy to maintain and understand (especially for users that have never seen regex).

the difference of using regex vs straight text for four entries would be minimal in terms of processing and time anyway and essentially boil down to personal choice.


For anyone asking for assistance with basic profile setup and use, regex is going to look like Klingon. This will hopefully make enough sense and allow them to understand the premise and the logic behind how it works, so they can modify and create more if needed in the future.

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Thank you so much @rhom and @fanboy followed your instructions and it seems to be working. @bakerboy448 thanks for mentioning Trash’s Guide, I din’t know about it, will be of much use!

@fanboy I actually know a little regex, i just wouldn’t know where to put it, I’m guessing in “must contain”, “must not…” and in “preferred” but no worries surely I’l find about it in Trash’s Guide.

Thank you all for your patience and support! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey @rhom, how did you get your quality profile to look like that?
Mine looks like this:

when i press “edit groups”

As you can see, I can’t edit/delete/add qualities (only the order of priority) , nor can I add/edit/delete qualities in a group.

Last time i read your reply, i couldn’t edit the quality profile so i left it as is, and it seemed to be working, but i didn’t know then, but i know now… Is that leaves WEBDL-1080p in higher/lower than HDTV-1080p.

Now my objective is to get ANY (HDTV, WEBRIP, BLURAY, WEBDL … (So they have the same priority as show in your image)) in 1080p and encoded in HEVC x265.

The problem with my current configuration, is that if you have HDTV>WEBDL… and the ONLY x265 is a WEBDL, sonarr will give highest priority and download a HDTV x264

So again, how did you manage to delete all the default qualities, and create one for each resolution that groups all the posible types? (HDTV, WEBDL, BLURAY …etc) so they have the same priority?

(also if I create a new quality profile from scratch it wont let me edit/delete/add anything either)

click on the + button to add a new profile

give it a name and then click on the edit groups button (should look like this)

click on the first group, “Bluray-2160p Remux”, and it will expand and show the group name (allowing you to edit it) and show the quality that is in it - if a group has more than one quality in it then it will auto expand.

change the group name to 2160, and then expand the second group, “Bluray-2160p”

now grab the “Bluray-2160p quality” (not the group) by its three bars and drag it up into the first group.
the second group will disappear and youll have both qualities in the top group

you just keep repeating that process for each group type and when youre done click on done editing groups (or save)

you can rearrange the qualities within the group if required although i dont recall if that actually matters?

just remember that if all you can only see a single line for the the group then it needs to be expanded so you can see (and get at) the quality itself.

also, if you want to pull a quality out of a group then just drag it slightly outside the group and it will end up in a new group of its own.

Thanks @rhom, that did it! :smiley:

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