Ability to re-run file rename/file move process

I have come across a few times when my system will download a large amount of shows and then it just stops renaming files and moving them to their correct places, and then for a few days it continues to do so, even if its only a few files. I’d like a button to force this so I dont have to manually rename/move my files.

Preferably, Id like the button on the main page

that sounds more like a bug that should be looked into and fixed, rather than something that should just be ignored and a button on the front page added as a workaround (presuming that would even fix it)

youre going to need to enable debug logging, then upload the logs from a time period when it happens so that they can take a look and see if theres something in those logs that will help to fix it.

you may, in the mean time, check the system > tasks page to see if the refresh monitored downloads task is stuck, and kick it off manually to see if that resolves it or not.

alternatively you could go to wanted > manual import, add/select your downloads path, then do an interactive (or an automatic) import to do the moves for you - you will need to clean up the completed download jobs in the download client though (typically you just cancel the job and it deletes everything).

Thanks for the input. I’ve turned on debugging, and I noticed this morning I had a stupid windows update. Maybe that borked something by making it run super slow. Im sure this will happen again soon, so Ill update this task as it comes in.

strange thing, The manual import steps you suggested doesn’t seem to work. Does anyone have a small video of someone doing these steps so I can be sure I’m doing it right? it seems easy enough, but when i click either button, nothing seems to happen, it just sits there.

i cant do videos, sorry. hope this helps

  • go to the wanted page and click on the manual import icon
  • click on the blue folder icon over on the right
  • slowly work your way down to the correct path where the download jobs are being saved.
  • click on the Ok button down in the bottom right
  • new paths will be added to the list so that you can select them directly instead of having to drill down each time
  • click on interactive import. you can use automatic but ive always had issues with it so dont use it - plus downloads that get stuck typically have issues with name parsing anyway so i think its easier to do it manually
  • if there are files in that folder (or subfolders) then they will be displayed and you will need to tick the ones that are correct, and/or fix their assignments. if its empty then there are no files and that path is probably not actually where they are being saved (from the point of where sonarr is being run from, docker, another host, etc)
  • once everything is correct (for the ones you ticked for import) click on the green import button and wait for them to be imported in sonarr
  • once imported you will need to go back to the download client and delete the job, which should delete the job folder and any files that were in there.

AHHH, I just didn’t go far enough. OK, ty for all of that. I broke down and manually did them this time, but Ill get the debug file and upload it.