90 minute episodes

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OS: Windows 10
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Description of issue: I like to keep file sizes below 2 gb and have set most of my quality settings for this size. I’m d/ling a series of programs with 90 minute episodes and I’d like to keep my file limit to under 2 gb, but with the same settings, sonarr is grabbin files larger then 3 gbs. For each episode, there are files at about 1.7 gb, but they seem to be ignored. Setting only seem to allow for up to 60 minutes, is there a way to craft a setting for 90 minute programs?

In v3 it’s more clearly expressed in MB per hour, but v2 is similar.

The qualities have a slider in v2, and a value for 30 and 60 minute episodes if I recall correctly. 90 minutes is just calculated as 3x the value of a 30 minute episode.

Other than that, season premieres and finales are allowed double the size to account for the fact that these are frequently longer or even double episodes.

I hate to admit that I can’t get the sliders to do what I want then to. Is v3 available? My version of the software ( seems to be the most recent available according to the automatic updates.

I used to click the slider thingy and then use left/right arrow keys to move it exactly where I wanted.

v3 is available in beta, you can’t use the built-in updater, you have to download and install it again. Be sure to take a backup of your settings. v3 will convert your v2 database if all goes well.

Thanks, I’ll give v3 and try.

Thanks Thirrian - I like v3 - the layout makes things easier to find.

I think I’ve gotten a profile and quality settings to work the way that I want - very primitive, but does what I want. I’ll try to expand my knowledge and their abilities as I go along.

Some of the profiles are deletable, and some have the delete button blurred-out. The profile that works is a copy of another that doesn’t work but I can’t seem to delete the original one. Are some of these system profiles and can’t be deleted? or am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.

Usually that means the profile is in use for one or more series. I don’t recall for my own instance, but I think by now I deleted every profile multiple times :sweat_smile:

Thanks Thirrian