7Seeds Episode List Missing One Episode, TVDB Has Correct List

Mono Version
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Description of issue: Episode List Incomplete/Incorrect

7Seeds has 12 episodes, Sonarr skips episode 7 and does this:

8 (8) Summer Solstice
6 (7) Grain Rain
5 (5) Heavy Snow

Updating series info does not fix. TVDB has the full 12 episodes listed.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Episode 6, but has absolute episode number 7, which is the same as episode 7. Duplicate absolute episode numbers aren’t allowed for anime, because that’s how Sonarr matches episodes. The series will need to be updated on TheTVDB and after all the caches expire updated in Sonarr.

Thanks @markus101

This is what it shows on TVDB https://www.thetvdb.com/series/7seeds

5 Heavy Snow
6 Grain Rain
7 Winter Solstice
8 Summer Solstice

Last update was on July 13th, but I don’t know how to see a change log. I’ll keep trying a series refresh and see if it updates eventually.

How long typically does it take for caches to expire? TVDB seems to be showing the correct episode information, and has been for at least 10 days. There also doesn’t seem to be any absolute numbers set for the episodes. In each episode listing, the Absolute Episode Number entry is empty.

  • Episode Number 6
  • DVD Season & Episode Number BLANK
  • Absolute Episode Number BLANK
  • Originally Aired Friday, June 28, 2019

Usually a few hours, but their API is not updated, despite what their site says.

Editing the series should fix that, usually it happens when their moderator use tools to make changes that don’t signal the API to update.

That’s a problem for Anime, without absolute episode numbers Sonarr won’t be able to search for episodes or match absolute episode numbers in releases.

TheTVDB should be updated manually to add the correct absolute episode numbers, anyone with an account there can do that.

Thanks Markus,

For whatever reason the overview doesn’t show the Absolute Episode number even if it is set. Created an account and sure enough when editing the episode in question it did have an incorrect Absolute Episode number set. Fixing it has resovled the issue, will mark above as solution.

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