Feature Requests

Add an 'Update All Indexers' Button When There Are Indexer Errors In System Tab (Like Lidarr) (4)
Import from disk - already exists - update path (3)
language preference (4)
Torrent 'Info Hash' Searches (15)
File name profiles (3)
Escape to go back (3)
IMDB information (4)
Refresh Metadata vs Refresh Disk (4)
Two features lacking Mass adding of show and easy restore (4)
Feature to prioritize by keywords / tags (7)
Feature to exclude NZB's by keywords in the title (3)
Manual import of existing releases (4)
Preferred Source (4)
Add Support For Jackett to allow more bittorrent trackers (6)
REMUX Quality for DVDs (2)
[Request] Multiple Cutoff Profiles (5)
Cancel and Search for a different release (2)
Allow translations of the UI (2)
Restrictions in quality cutoff (4)
Series Option to Auto-Delete Old Episodes (2)
Tags visible on Wanted page (2)
Bluray 1080i quality definition (4)
Add "Delete Files" to Manual Import page option (3)
Manual Import improvement (2)
Unable to remove torrent from rTorrent - but why? (2)
Force Year in folder (2)
Seasons With No Season Number Default To Season 1 (3)
Have cutoff for profile quality on lower quality when better already grabbed (4)
Notify error indexers (3)
Ability to manually use a search term when using interactive search (4)